About Cameroon Gallery

Cameroon Gallery is the 1st e-commerce website that directly connects the world to market of Cameroonian crafts, furniture, jewelry, artefacts, and much more.  At Cameroon Gallery we bring the customer directly to the markets of Cameroon with the ease of a click of a button online.We are more than an e-commerce platform, we also empower artist in Cameroon through digital educational training and capacity building which can take their business to the next level. This platform is a result of a partnership between The Ministry of Small and Medium-sized Enterprises, Social Economy and Handicrafts and the multimedia firm Bridge Africa Ventures.


Connecting Globe to Cameroon

We directly connect you to the real artists of Cameroon, giving you an experience equivalent to shopping in the real colorful, noise filed market places in Cameroon. Take a journey through a click of a button.

Customer Support

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We grant you quality customer service as to ensure that

you have a smooth and fulfilling experience where you choose the art you love online, receive it within a short time period, and finally color your physical space with your new art.

Artist Support

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We are located in 5 offices throughout Cameroon, which makes us assessible to support local talented artist. We help them with the entire process of bringing their art to the online world, which includes IT support, marketing, and logistics.